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The Sleepy Paws Inn

Overnights in our home! With multiple host locations, the Sleepy Paws Inn is the first doggy bed and breakfast in the greater Hockessin area. We provide exceptional care for your furry companion, treating them like a member of our own family. Our goal is to create a comfortable and loving "home away from home" experience for your dog at the Sleepy Paws Inn.  We can also provide overnight care in your home, and more information is available here


The only item you need to provide for your dog is their food. Maintaining their regular diet helps to prevent any potential stomach issues. Please inform us of any food allergies or sensitivities your dog may have, as we do provide treats throughout the day. If your dog has a preferred bed or blanket, feel free to pack it for their comfort.

If your dogs are staying with us, they must be dog-friendly. However, if your pup is social but prefers not to mingle and play too much with the others (an example of this would be an elderly pet), that is no problem at all! We have an extra fenced-off side yard for potty breaks and sunbathing or one-on-one fetch, and walks will be provided to ensure your pet gets the exercise they need.

Updates and photo check-in through the Time to Pet app are sent each day. Along with the photos, notes will be included about your pet’s well-being.

At Sleepy Paws Inn, we pride ourselves on not being a traditional kennel. Instead, we offer a cage-free, home environment where dogs can truly feel at ease. However, if your dog is accustomed to and more comfortable in a crate, we do have them available for their use.


When it comes to sleeping arrangements, we provide plush and cot style beds throughout our home, and dog is more than welcome to join us on our own beds for cuddles at bedtime. If you have any specific furniture rules for your dog at home, please let us know, and we will ensure to provide consistent reinforcement during their stay.

Enrichment activities vary depending on the location, but we offer an array of toys, tennis balls, plush and cot beds, tunnels, and even swimming pools during warmer weather. In the fall and winter, bales of straw provide additional entertainment for the dogs to jump on or burrow into. On days when the weather is unfavorable, our furry guests still enjoy indoor playtime and occasional bathroom breaks. While we cannot guarantee the survival of any toys brought from home, we assure you they will be thoroughly enjoyed during playtime.



No charge

Our pet sitters even have the skills required to give injections such as insulin and other specialized tasks such as giving subcutaneous fluids.


per night


per additional dog 

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