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Overnight Care

We offer two different options for overnight care in your home to meet your pets’ needs!

Note: This page discusses care in the client's home only. If you  are looking for your pet to stay with us,  we offer that as well. Please check out  the Sleepy Paws Inn page for more information. 


For one night or for many, we have sitters on call who will care for your pets in the comfort of their own home. What better a way to keep their stress low and have your house cared for at the same time. Having a sitter stay in your home, also gives your house a more “lived in” look. Fantastic for pets who stress easily, are elderly, or suffer from separation anxiety. We feed and walk your pets as close to their regular schedules as possible to keep them happy and stress-free. This service is available for any type of pet, not just dogs. So, if you have nine cats that really enjoy full-time company, our sitters are happy to oblige!


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Photo Check-in

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Overnights Plus Visits

Overnights are $78 per night and cover a twelve-hour period with your sitter arriving between 7:00pm- 8:30pm and staying through 7:00am – 8:30 am the next morning. Essentially, you receive a full twelve hours of care (bedtime visit, staying overnight, and then the breakfast/morning visit) for only $6 more than two one-hour visits.


We adapt to your pets’ schedules, and clients may add additional visits throughout the day as needed. The pricing for those is listed on our Pet Sitting Visits  page.

Around the Clock Care

We now offer a service that provides around the clock care for your pets and guarantees that the sitter will not leave for a stretch longer than 4 hours at a time.  Sitter is guaranteed to stay overnight starting between 7:00pm-8:30pm through 7:00 am- 8:30am the next day. The rate for this is


  • $160 per 24 hour period


Broken down into quarter days after the first 24 hour charge.


  • 1-6 hours = 0.25 charge ($40)


  • 7-12 hours = 0.50 charge ($80)


  • 13-18 hours = 0.75 charge ($120)


  • 19-24 hours = another full day's charge ($160)




Sitter arrives at 11am on Tuesday morning and stays until 3pm Wednesday afternoon. This is a full 24 hours, plus and additional 4 hours. The rate would be $160 for the first 24 hours, plus a ¼ day charge of $40 for the additional 4 hours; making the total $200.

Any overnight in your home includes light housesitting duties. Lights are turned on and rotated, mail is checked, packages are brought in, plants are kept watered, fish are fed, et cetera. We can even do light pool maintenance as needed. We strip the bed before we leave on the last day, and your home is always left as clean as we found it, if not cleaner!

Updates and photo check-ins through the Time to Pet app are sent multiple times each day. Along with the photo check-ins, notes will be included about your pet and home's well-being.


No charge


Our pet sitters even have the skills required to give injections such as insulin and other specialized tasks such as giving subcutaneous fluids.



Overnight Plus Visits

Covers approximately 12 hours overnight. You may add extra visits throughout the day as needed.

Added Visits


Price varies by length. More information here.


Around the Clock Care

Guarantees your sitter stays overnight and does not leave for longer than a 3 hour period during the day.

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