Frequently Asked Questions

Who will my sitter be?

All Creatures Pet Care,LLC has a team of animal loving individuals that are thoroughly vetted and background checked before hiring, and anyone without hat least six months of veterinary technologist experience has completed a pet cpr/first aid course to take their level of care and expertise to the next level. We guarantee that all of our team members will love your pets as much as you do!

Will I have multiple sitters?

We do try our best to assign the same sitter each time that you need pet care. However, sometimes due to a high volume of requests, this is not possible. In that instance, a different sitter will be assigned. We stand behind all of our wonderful sitters though, and you will not be disappointed with the care that any of them provide!

Will I get to meet my sitter beforehand?

Yes! Before service begins, we will set up a complimentary meet and greet with your sitter so that you (and your pets!) can not only meet and feel comfortable with them, but you are also show them your pets' routines, where supplies are, et cetera.

How do I pay?

For scheduling and online payment purposes, we use a secure smartphone app called "Scout for Pet Owners." Scout is connected to Braintree, a division of Paypal. You can manually enter your card information, or connect to your Paypal account itself. Payments are automatically processed. We do ask that pet care be paid in full before the service starts, with half due at booking to confirm your reservation. Payment for weekly services- such as dog walks or doggy daycare is processed each week after your last day of service. A receipt is e-mailed to you after payment processes. We do also accept checks, but ask that they be mailed in advance versus left for your sitter.

How will I know how my pets are doing?

We use GPS mapping for all walks and pet sits through a smartphone app called "Scout for Pet Owners." You will be notified that the visit has started when your sitter checks in, and updated about the visit as soon as the sitter checks out. You will receive an email or smart phone notification that will display when your sitter arrives and leaves your home. You will also get a personalized note about the visit, including photos of your pet(s)! It's really fun to get the updates while you are away at work or vacation. Real time sitter updates give you peace of mind that your pet is being well cared for. In addition to this, we set up a group text between you (the client), your sitter, and the business line in case any questions arise. Often we also take videos, and they are sent via group text from the business phone since Scout does not yet have an option for videos.

Should I tip my pet sitter?

Tips are not required, but are definitely much appreciated!

Why should I hire All Creatures Pet Care, LLC instead of relying on my friend or neighbor to care for my pet?

We understand that hiring a pet sitter or dog walker is big deal. It's not only a financial commitment, but it also means trusting someone to enter your home and take care of your precious pets. At All Creatures Pet Care we do this for a living and we not only love our jobs, we take our roles as professional pet caretakes very seriously. Should any issues arise, we have the experience needed to handle them, and in addition to this, we are bonded and insured for your peace of mind. Also don't forget- the owner has years of vet tech experience, and the team is pet CPR/first aid certified. To top everything off, when you choose to hire us, you're also supporting a local small business.

I have pets other than dogs and cats, are you able to take care of them while I am on vacation?

All Creatures Pet Care has team members who have experience with almost all types of animals including birds, fish, reptiles, pocket pets (hamsters, rabbits, rats, et cetera), farm animals, and more.

I need to cancel my pet care. Will I still be charged?

The details of our cancellation policies can be found in the startup paperwork that you receive a copy of after signing. Below is a congested version. Dog Walks - More than 24 hours notice to avoid a fee. Doggy Daycare - More than 24 hours notice to avoid a fee. Pet Sitting (Visits/Overnight Care) - Non-summer and non-holiday time periods- more than 8 days notice to avoid fees. Summer and major holiday time periods- more than 15 days notice to avoid fees.

Do you charge more on holidays?

Yes, a 50% rate increase is applied on major holidays; a total of 9 days per year. New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.