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Doggy Daycare

Do you have a dog who enjoys walks, but benefits more from running and playing with other pups? Do you love coming home to a happy and content canine friend? Do you wish that your dog could attend daycare, but your work schedule doesn’t allow you the time to pick them up and drop them off? Our small- scale in home doggy daycare is like no other around.

Photo Check-in

We follow the dogs’ leads. The dogs choose whether they’d like to be in the house relaxing, in the sunroom playing, or outside in the yard running around or sunbathing.

No crate time, but there are crates provided with doors open for those dogs who prefer to rest in them.

Six-foot wooden fencing reinforced at the bottom with bricks. Large heated and airconditioned sunroom for indoor play.

Familiar Faces! Unlike larger doggy daycares, small scale means that your dog isn’t simply thrown into an environment with 20 other dogs that they do not know. Generally, the same 4-8 dogs attend daycare every week, and form great bonds with one another. If your dog is not fitting in well with a certain group after a period of time, we have the option of trying out other days to find that perfect match. .

Late drop-offs are available on occasion for an additional cost.

A fun and safe environment. Tunnels, obstacles, pools in the summertime and other fun stimulation also provided as well as a number of dog beds and blankets.

Another bonus of our small-scale operation? Little to no worry about picking up unwanted bugs such as kennel cough or parasites.

Photos and updates sent at the end of a fun-filled day! 



(Roughly 8 hours of playtime.)




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