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Adventure Hikes

Bored pup? Not anymore! This is dog walking with a twist. On days when the heat is too overwhelming for a walk on the hot sidewalk, or you think it would be more fun for your pup to sniff some fresh flowers, rocks, trees, squirrels, and more,  we provide the best hour of hiking anywhere in the area. Cool trails and wet streams are waiting to be explored!

The walker picks up your dog and takes them for an adventure on an off-road hike at a local park.  Some popular places to go include Carousel Park, White Clay Creek, Brandywine Creek, Lums Pond, Auburn Valley, Alapocas, and others.

GPS Mapped

Photo Check-in

Adventure Hikes are now a $10 add- on to an hour walk. 

The length of the hike may be increased in 30 minute intervals for $15. Maximum hike length of 3 hours. 

All Adventure Hikes are on-leash only due to state leash laws, and liability purposes, but we make sure they have fun and get worn out!

There are many free locations to hike at, but if your park of choice has an entrance fee (such as state parks), the cash to pay the fee must be provided by the client and left for the sitter.

GPS mapping, photos, and updates sent with every hike.

If the weather is not permissible for an adventure walk- i.e. extreme rain, snow, et cetera- then the client will be notified, and a 60-minute dog walk will be substituted instead.


Add-on to a 60 minute walk ($40 total)
Per each additional dog- $10


For each 30 minute hike-length increase
Per each additional dog- $5

*Rates are per dog. Each additional dog $10.


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